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Hanco Resources

Distribution,Warehousing, 3PL

When you need to maneuver the often hectic nature of dealing with managing multiple clients for a warehouse alone or in conjunction with a production facility, it is important to have a solution that allows you to be efficient. Our products and solutions have been designed to tackle even the busiest of environments.


Barcoding or automatic identification is known for reducing errors. Efficiency and increased accuracy of using an automated data collection system whether barcode or RFID in conjunction with a solution such as TRAFFIC™ enables pharma companies to verify and ensure data is processed in the correct manner. Barcoding in itself can not only be cost-effective, but offers a strong ROI (return on investment).


We use RFID and barcode technologies to help you understand exactly where your assets are, along with its current status. Talk us about what security measures you need to put in place to capture movement and collect data.

Oil & Gas

Whether tracking barrels, equipment or large piping, having visibility and knowing where your critical assets are is crucial. Large petrochemical manufacturing facilities can contain thousands of pieces. Our RFID and barcode solutions offer inventory tracking and management. We will take you through the process from beginning to end.

Transportation & Logistics

Customer Service and cost control are some of the main challenges logistic managers face every day. Whether transporting goods by truck, rail, air or sea freight, companies are faced with the pressure to remain competitive, deliver quality customer service and optimize their operations. These are the type of cost-efficient solutions that we are focused on offering for you.


Within the construction industry, RFID technology can be used for materials and tools management (check tools in/out). Another important use would be to control small and large equipment used on the job site. Talk to us about how our solutions can help you on your next project.