TRAFFIC Training



TRAFFIC Application  and Design Studio™ Training

Technical and Application training available for TRAFFIC Mobile Computing/Barcoding and TRAFFIC Design Studio Suite. Training is available to you directly from Hanco or through a certified Partner.

hanco tech software customization & training for barcode solutions

Technical Training

Technical overviews covering database structure, our technical support staff provides system architecture and administration. We specialize in workshops made available to reinforce useful tips and techniques within customization of modules, troubleshooting problems, and performing maintenance procedures.

It has been proven many times that it rewards everyone when providing the proper tools to an employee. Investing in training increases moral and productivity.

Hanco believes in partnering with you to meet all of your training needs.

We offer both on-site and off-site training options, depending on your budget and goals.

Recognizing that everyone has unique training requirements; Hanco encourages your input. If you have a training requirement that is not mentioned in this catalogue, please speak with your Hanco associate and we will be happy to work with you to meet those goals.

Hanco Technologies offers an extensive variety of training courses. We provide customized solutions with the purpose of adding value to your training budget.

Our Training Services Team has a full spectrum of knowledge and by predetermining your employees’ strengths and necessary areas for improvement you have choices within either a short-term or long-term training plan. This method works well for both the employee and the Corporation. It allows an employee to make goals within your organization, that in turn will add to your return.