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What is a Barcode Scanner?

A barcode scanner is a device used to read barcodes. When choosing a scanner you should consider things such as the distance from where you will be scanning the item, the frequency of the scans and how it will all be connected. TRAFFIC works with a large variety of hardware manufacturers.


Basic barcode scanner or reader captures the data from the barcode and transmits the data into the TRAFFIC Software which translates the information and stores it into a database. These scanners can be wired or wireless.


There are different types of barcode scanners:


– Pen

– Laser

– 2D Camera

– CCD (charge couple device or LED scanner)


Some barcode readers use lasers, while others use lights or camera. The common basic function is to translate the barcode into an electronic code and send it to a system such as TRAFFIC™ Software. This is the data collection part of the system.

Scanners are used for retail, asset management, inventory management, manufacturing environments whether in large or small warehouse settings


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